Thursday, 7 March 2013

FOR WOMEN ONLY!..Sexy Ways to Tease Him

we were all ears—WOMEN had to think of "inventive ways" to crank up the heat. Um…hell yeah. Want to turn your man on a la R-Patz? Experts say building a man's anticipation makes your bond crazy-tight...check out this tips.

1.While you're ordering dinner, caress up his leg as high as you can get away with. If you're feeling super-daring, lightly stroke his penis over his pants. 

2.People in crowded elevators usually look straight ahead, so sneakily grind your body against his or slide your palm over his butt while your unsuspecting co-riders watch the floors tick by.

3.If you're out together at a party or bar, send him either a scandalous text that hints at what you'd like to do to him later or, if you're a more shy sexter, a corny line like "Nice shirt — it'll look better on the floor." Just knowing you have booty on the brain will have him aching to get you alone.

4.Catch him off guard by wondering aloud about places you could get busy. Ask something like "Hmmm, do you think this countertop would be the right height for me to straddle you?" then wander off as if it were just a fleeting idea.

5. Men are aroused by visual stimuli, so a nonverbal come-on can make him hungry. Toy with him by bending slowly to pick up something in a short skirt or blow-drying your hair in jeans and a bra. Act like you don't know he's watching — it'll arouse the hell out of him.

6.When he has friends over, yell from another room that you need help with something. When he enters, give him a deep kiss and graze his package. Then halt the grope sesh, and make him return to his guests like a good boy.

7.As things get going, leave on one item of clothing. Pulling your thong aside for him to enter you torments him because he can't see every last inch of your body. It also creates gotta-have-you-now urgency that is just so hot.

8.Slowly head downtown with playful licks that start at his chest and move down his stomach. Trace your fingers up and down his torso as you kiss in circles around his groin and inner thighs — everywhere except his package — until he's begging you to take him into your mouth.

9. If you're on top during sex, stop the action, then crawl down his body until you're perched at the end of the bed. Give him a "Want it? Then come and get it!" grin. Then prepare to be pounced on. 

Have a STEAMY and BLISSFUL.... day ahead...winked.

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